Dimensions of space and time

Since 2006 you have known us as Airport Lounge Development (ALD) and we’ve seen how the form and function of the spaces we’ve designed,
built and operated have affected the quality of our guest’s time at the airport. 


Meeting the needs of travelers and airports

Today, our multi-dimensional thinking is enabling us to explore new spaces beyond traditional lounge services to meet not just the needs of the next generation of travellers but to keep airports competitive, retain airlines and generate more revenue.

A growing network, exploring new spaces.

We have a network of 24 airport lounges in the U.S. and United Kingdom with plans this year to open an additional 3 lounges, expand into the Middle East and introduce an exciting new sleep pod concept expanding our traveler experiences as we continue our rapid global growth.
  • US
  • UK
  • Middle East
Relax and unwind

Smarter experiences for the corporate traveler

Delivering exceptional travel, insurance and assistance solutions that ensure the productivity, safety and wellbeing of your travelers.

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