What is Connecta?


Connecta is an e-commerce and relationship management platform offering airports a fast and future-proofed approach to engaging travelers and shaping performance on the airport journey. It combines technology, relationship and commerce platforms with commercial best practice to support both travelers and airports, all accessible to the user from their mobile phone.

Connecta brings together best in class e-commerce connectivity, facilitating single source access to services across the airport. And it creates a single view of your travelers and their behavior across the airport, enabling custom propositions and targeting as well as deep insights into traveler and airport performance.


Scaling Your Airport Growth


Connecta can be deployed quickly for airports, jumpstarting engagement and performance management. It allows airports to quickly capture and expand traveler data, offering performance insights to deploy initiatives which recognize needs, offer better experiences and drive increased non-aeronautical revenue. Connecta facilitates a full suite of reward and recognition tools, proven to motivate performance. This includes Pay-With-Points, offering travelers seamless ways to reward themselves and

innovative paid elite memberships driving benefits to travelers and revenue to the airport, recognizing that some travelers will want to transact through their preferred FFPs and other programs, Connecta’s e-commerce marketplace enables millions of members from other programs, such as airline FFPs and retailer reward programs to access the same services across the airport, driving additional revenue streams to the airport.

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The Transforming Airport Revenue Landscape. 
In late 2022, we surveyed over 8500 global travelers to get a better understanding of their changing demands and the experiences they look for on their airport journey. Our research takes an in depth look at the views of travelers from 15 major countries – covering a range of demographics, genders and age groups ranging from Gen Z (18 to 24-year-olds) to Elders (76 to 93-year-olds) – to provide the most accurate picture of what the modern traveler looks like and determine their needs when moving through the airport.

Airport Experience Research

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