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Airport Dimensions launches Connecta In Lounge Experience at Jacksonville International Airport


Airport Dimensions is enhancing and personalizing Jacksonville International Airport’s in-lounge experience with Connecta, the one stop e-commerce and traveler relationship platform. Called Connecta In-Lounge, the new platform is tailored to expand and enhance the guest experience at The Club lounge in Jacksonville.  

Fully customizable, Connecta In-Lounge has been tailored to provide new experiences as well as bring together existing facilities into a single, seamless mobile experience. Accessible via a QR code, guests at Jacksonville can order food and beverages, pre-book shower facilities; access a range of digital media including magazines, audio books, daily press and more. Guests can also offer feedback with the platform’s survey and feedback solution, which continually feeds back data on satisfaction metrics to further improve the guest experience at the lounge.  

Stephen Hay, Global Strategy Director for Airport Dimensions, said: “Our launch of Connecta In-Lounge at Jacksonville International Airport is a significant step forwards for us to converge the physical and digital airport experiences. Guests expect services to be accessible at the touch of the screen and they want them increasingly customized around their needs. With lounges once being considered revenue black spots at the airport, Connecta In-Lounge opens up the opportunity for airports to drive new mobile and digital revenue services from travelers when they are happy, relaxed and ready to spend.” 

Customer satisfaction is one of our highest priorities at JAX and embracing new technologies help us to fulfill traveler expectations,” Jeff Taylor, Jacksonville Aviation Authority Properties Manager said. “Connecta In-Lounge offers passengers a fast and efficient mobile experience when relaxing at The Club JAX. 

Gilles Bussutil, VP of Global Guest Experiences at Airport Dimensions said: “Travelers are more tech-savvy than ever before, making a positive, digital experience an essential in their eyes. We are thrilled that Jacksonville International Airport will be among the first to offer this best-in-class technology.” 

The initial focus for Connecta In-Lounge is to enhance the guest experience in the lounge with amenity booking, dining ordering, digital media, and customer feedback management. But, given the importance of revenue growth across the airport, the platform facilitates the developmentgrowth of new revenue services both inside the lounge and across the airport. These include access e-commerce services such as concourse food and beverage, airport services, destination-specific services and duty free retail all available direct from guests’ phones. Duty free and luxury retail is of particular interest, as it allows for premium brands and products to be showcased and experienced in the lounge, with guests being able to order at the touch of their phone, for delivery to the lounge, their gate or their home. The customizable digital platform can also be white-labeled as part of airports’ own branded traveler experience. 

Connecta In-Lounge will be rolled out progressively across Airport Dimensions’ Club lounge network over the next 12 months. With traveler engagement functions, service booking, food and beverage ordering and access to revenue services across the airport, it offers a better experience for the traveler and new revenue opportunities for the airport.   

About Connecta 

Connecta is an airport wide one-stop e-commerce and passenger loyalty platform from Airport Dimensions, driving revenue growth for airports and increasing traveler satisfaction with the launch of its first digital service.  

Connecta combines technology, relationship and commerce platforms with commercial best practice to support both travelers and airports, all accessible to the traveler from their mobile phone. It brings together best in class e-commerce connectivity, facilitating single source access to services across the airport, while also tapping into 25 years of loyalty management experience to offer the right incentives to motivate and shape behavior. Connecta also creates a single view of the travelers and their behavior across the travel journey, enabling custom propositions and targeting as well as deep insights into traveler and airport performance. 

About Airport Dimensions 

Airport Dimensions wants travelers to value their time at the airport. The company continuously seeks ways to open new dimensions in customer engagement - using a mix of enriching physical experiences and innovative digital services. From comfortable lounges to restful sleep pods, and convenient food ordering to contactless collection of duty free, Airport Dimensions helps improve the traveler experience while critically helping airports maximize non-aeronautical revenue opportunities, retain airlines, and become more competitive.  

Airport Dimensions has a rapidly growing network of locations at the world’s leading airports across the United States, the Middle East, South America and the United Kingdom, where its Club Aspire Heathrow lounges were most recently recognized in the World Travel Awards as Europe’s Leading Airport Lounge and the FAB Superstars Awards for Innovation. Under its brands The Club, Club Aspire, No1 Lounges, sleep ’n fly and Ambaar Club, Airport Dimensions provides award-winning hospitality services tailored to the specific needs of passengers and currently provides value-added experiences for over 50 airport and airline partners. 

Airport Dimensions is a Collinson company.  


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