Exciting new Ambaar Club lounge opens at Salgado Filho Porto Alegre International POA

Airport Dimensions, the global leader in airport lounges and travel experiences, has opened a new airside AMBAAR Club lounge at Salgado Filho Porto Alegre International Airport (POA) in Brazil as part of their ongoing collaboration with AMBAAR Lounge. The lounge is the second AMBAAR Club lounge to open at the airport and the first to open in the international terminal.

The new AMBAAR Club POA lounge spans 250 square meters and can welcome 76 guests. Amenities include a TV area with chaise longues for guests to sit back and relax. The lounge utilises local materials for the design wherever possible and has been designed to reflect the culture of the region. With stone incorporated throughout, warm-toned walls, and locally inspired furniture and décor, the space is reflective of the sophistication and ‘welcoming’ atmosphere for which Serra Gaúcha’s country houses are famed and will undoubtedly revive pleasant memories of visits to Rio Grande do Sul.

A buffet offering fruits, cakes, breads, and more is available during breakfast. Passengers visiting later in the day for lunch or dinner will be able to enjoy a menu including local and finger foods. The Porto Alegre region is famous for its wines, and at the bar guests will be able to taste some of local vintages as well as other famous Brazilian cocktails including the renowned Caipirinha, providing a memorable last experience of the region.

The international lounge will be open 24 hours a day so guests can enjoy the experience no matter when they fly.

Nancy Knipp, President Americas at Airport Dimensions said; “Our partnership with AMBAAR continues to experience impressive growth. The launch of this second lounge at Porto Alegre International Airport further validates the value our partnership brings to Brazilian airports. This new space is the first to offer a lounge amenity to international guests coming through the airport and comes at a perfect time as Brazil experiences a surge in international travel. Both we at Airport Dimensions and the team at AMBAAR pride ourselves on developing spaces true to their local environments, and this is exemplified yet again at this new space at Porto Alegre.”

Bernardo Claro da Fonseca, AMBAAR Lounge CEO said; “As the pandemic crisis was slowing down and the air transportation market was resuming its activity, the strategic planning developed to manage risk and CAPEX efficiency led us very early on, to understand that the Brazilian domestic market would be the first to recover. AMBAAR CLUB consistently opened domestic lounges starting December 2021 throughout 2022, building a network across the top 10 airports in Brazil. Now in 2023, we are executing a selective process to open lounges at international terminals to further increase our inventory and offer outstanding value to our partners and passengers. Altogether, Airport Dimensions and AMBAAR Lounge are leading an impressive expansion.”

Rodrigo Sousa, commercial director of Fraport Brasil emphasized; “The opening of a new VIP lounge at Porto Alegre Airport celebrates the partnership with Ambaar Lounge and Airport Dimensions. It is the second lounge that we offer to our passengers, demonstrating our commitment to offering differentiated and quality services.”

Another lounge is expected to open at Fortaleza in spring 2023, and more can be expected at other locations across Brazil.

About Airport Dimensions

Airport Dimensions wants travellers to value their time at the airport. The company continuously seeks ways to open new dimensions in customer engagement - using a mix of enriching physical experiences and innovative digital services. From comfortable lounges to restful sleep pods, and convenient food ordering to contactless collection of duty free, Airport Dimensions helps improve the traveller experience while critically helping airports maximize non-aeronautical revenue opportunities, retain airlines, and become more competitive.

Airport Dimensions has a rapidly growing network of locations at the world’s leading airports across the United States, the Middle East, South America and the United Kingdom, where its Club Aspire Heathrow lounges were most recently recognized in the World Travel Awards as Europe’s Leading Airport Lounge and the FAB Superstars Awards for Innovation. Under its brands The Club, Club Aspire, No1 Lounges, sleep ’n fly and AMBAAR Club, Airport Dimensions provides award-winning hospitality services tailored to the specific needs of passengers and currently provides value-added experiences for over 50 airport and airline partners.

Using the latest technologies, Airport Dimensions has invested in driving revenue growth for airports and increasing traveller satisfaction with the launch of its first digital service Connecta – a one-stop e-commerce and passenger loyalty platform. This innovative Connecta In-Lounge Experience platform launched at Jacksonville International Airport in August 2022 with plans for a continued, rapid rollout in the coming year.

Airport Dimensions is a Collinson company.

About AMBAAR Lounge

AMBAAR Lounge operates in Brazil since 2014. The successful path built up over the years reinforces the solid foundation on which AMBAAR has been developing new projects and gaining a prominent position in the market.

An aligned team, which identifies itself with the standards for high-quality services, attention to details, time-efficiency, flexibility and personalization, while achieving competitive viability is the major key factor.

Additionally, a set of technological tools for development, planning, execution and KPI control provides the solid ground for a reliable and predictable performance.

We understand the rise of the Economy of User Experience and its fourth pillar: Commodities, Goods, Services and Experiences.

The lounge is in a certain way defined as “non-space” by Marc Augé in the theory of Super Modernity. It’s a pass-through area that doesn’t have enough importance in the user life experience to be considered as “a place”. Therefore, it is so important in a globalized world of identity loss to offer the Handmade Brazil concept. However, we live in such fast-developing technology world that we must keep up the pace with the new technologies that sketch how the future will be. We understand the need to enhance our organization towards that myriad of technologies, reason why AMBAAR Lounge projects are developed around the concept of “Brazilian Connected Handmade” definition, the conjunction of handmade with technology.

As part of the Lounge experience AMBAAR is closely developing with Airport Dimensions the future of digital Lounge experience, a state-of the-art platform to enhance the traveller journey.

With millions of passengers served and a growing network of lounges, AMBAAR provides lounge turnkey solutions, across a range of services, starting from the simple management to the full development and construction.

Ambaar club lounge entrance at Salgado Filho Porto Alegre

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